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Broadcast Opportunity


Hello Ministers of the Gospel, If your heart's desire is to ministry beyond the four walls of your church building, and you would like to reach thousands upon thousands with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ... Then there has never been a better time to do so than now!

Rhema Gospel Radio would like to give your church and/or ministry exposure on this radio station.

That’s right! - FOREVER RHEMA RADIO is seeking Anointed Ministries who would like to have a weekly (58:00) minutes radio broadcast on this station.

1. Sign-up by calling our business line at 713-570-9014 for information and the broadcast details.

2. Please keep in mind that broadcast time slots will be assigned on a first come basis.

3. The following items will be needed to broadcast on our station:

  • a. The Full Name of Broadcasting Minister.

  • b. The Title of the radio broadcast.

  • c. A Professional (300dpi) Hi-Resolution Picture of the Broadcasting Minister.

  • d. A Short Opening / Closing Script for your Radio Broadcast (not to exceed more than 80 words total).

  • e. Email everything to: (


4. We will have your broadcast scheduled within 2 weeks of receipt of all your items.

5. Last! Anyone who signs up for our broadcast services, is expected to commit to at least 13 months of service. Please do not sign up to be a radio broadcaster, if you're not willing to commit to 13 months of continuous service on this broadcast station.

Thank you for considering FOREVER RHEMA RADIO for your ministry broadcast.

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