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Pastor Deborah

Pastor Deborah is well known for helping hands, loving heart and philanthropy, Local and International.  She has contributed, assisted, and partnered with so many organizations, churches and nonprofits in the Greater Houston area including The Point   Christian Outreach Ministries, Ambition of Christ Restoration Center, Holy Temple Fairbanks, New Light Christian Center, Apostolic Tabernacle, Relentless Church, Women Emerge Ministries, and KT Empower Missions just to name a few.  A resolution was given to Pastor Deborah by the city of Houston on December 10th to acknowledge her with her own day and acknowledge her many achievements and contributions to the Houston area and surrounding communities. 


As of 2023, she has also launched Follow Me Ministries LLC, non-profit organization, which will serve as her ministerial foundation to host various other broadcast, projects, partnerships and other endeavors to come in the near future. This also includes the launch of Forever Rhema Radio Broadcasting and Forever Rhema Word Television!

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